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About us#1

about Us

At Net Cable Deals, we believe that staying connected should be simple and affordable. That’s why, since opening our doors in 2024, we have dedicated ourselves to making state-of-the-art technology and lightning-fast internet speeds accessible to all.

Headquartered in California, Net Cable Deals first started as a small business offering cable Internet services solutions. As we grew, so did our mission – to deliver best-in-class services while saving our customers time, money, and frustration. Today, we serve over tens of thousands of residential and business customers across Southern California and beyond.

Our Values

Everything we do at Net Cable Deals stems from our core values of trust, care, and community. By upholding ourselves and our business practices to the highest standards, we earn the trust of those we serve each and every day. We care deeply about our customers as individual people first, always taking time to listen and cater to specific wants and needs. And we believe that by supporting the communities around us, we make progress possible for all people to connect, learn, work, and thrive.

Our Culture

Our employees are our greatest asset. At Net Cable Deals, we cultivate a positive work culture that empowers individual growth and talent. Team members are encouraged to think creatively, take initiative, and collaborate across departments to drive innovation. With ample opportunities for professional development and continuing education, we are deeply invested in our employees’ success, knowing that it translates directly into better service and more valuable solutions for our customers.

We also strives to be responsible corporate citizens and environmental stewards. In our offices and our operations, we implement sustainability best practices, reduce waste, reuse materials, and much more. And through our community outreach programs, volunteer days, and strategic partnerships with local charities and nonprofit groups, we aim to create shared value for the communities we operate in.

Our Team

Net Cable Deals is made up of cable industry experts with decades of collective experience between them. Our leadership team sets the vision and strategy for enabling connectivity through reliable cable and internet service. They ensure we have the capabilities and human talent necessary to deliver the quality of experience our customers expect.

Meanwhile, our dedicated customer service team works around the clock to provide prompt, friendly assistance whenever you need it. Our tech operations teams bravely face all weather conditions to install and maintain our cable TV and internet equipment reliably. And our care and sales teams work directly with customers to evaluate your connectivity needs, explain the available options, and get you signed up for services that fit your lifestyle.

Behind the scenes, Net Cable Deals has creative marketers, technical engineers, product developers, financial analysts, and more driving innovation every day. As we continue growing, we search for top talent in all domains who align with our people-first values. If that sounds like you, view our careers page to see open positions and apply!

Our Services

Net Cable Deals provides a wide array of connectivity services to residential and business customers:

Cable TV Service
Our digital cable TV packages come fully loaded with hundreds of crystal clear channels, the most sports coverage, tons of on-demand titles, intuitive program guides, and much more. We allow mixing and matching your favorite channels at affordable rates with no contracts.

Internet Service
We offer blazing fast broadband internet plans using cable and fiber optic connections. With various speed tiers to fit one’s needs and budget, our reliable service powers endless devices for work, streaming, smart homes, online gaming simultaneously.

Home Phone Service
Our two-way digital voice home phone service known as digital voice (VoIP) provides unlimited nationwide calling and advanced features for low monthly fees. We provide crystal clear call quality on trusted networks. Number porting from current providers made easy.

Customers can save the most by bundling cable TV, internet, and home phone service into discounted package deals with Net Cable Deals. Our bundles allow you to customize exactly what you need in one simplified bill.

Business Services
To power productivity, we deliver robust internet speeds, crystal-clear phone solutions, networking capabilities, managed WiFi, and cybersecurity services to SMBs. Our scalable options match the demands businesses experience as they grow over time.

Other Services
Added services we offer include premium channels like HBO and Showtime, TV boxes like TiVo and Firestick to access streaming apps and OnDemand, xFinity surveillance equipment, smart home monitoring solutions, and more. Ask a representative for full details.