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Introduction to Cox Communications broadband communication Services

Cox Communications (commonly known as Cox) is one of the leading broadband communications and entertainment companies in the United States. They are the largest private telecom company in America. Cox provides broadband internet, cable TV, home phone, and smart home solutions to over 6 million residential customers across 18 states. They also serve over 350,000 business customers nationally. Through innovative offerings, they aim to empower customers to take control and enrich their digital lives.

Founding and Early History of Cox 

Cox was founded by James M. Cox in 1898 as Ohio’s first newspaper group. In the early 1920s, he diversified into the growing radio business to start the company’s broadcast division. In 1962, Cox launched its first cable TV system in California, marking the beginnings of its telecom business. Rapid growth followed – Cox acquired cable properties across America through the 70s and 80s. The company went public in 1995 during the early commercial internet era to fund its broadband strategy focused on faster speeds.

Products and Services Offered


Cox offers high-speed home internet plans with download speeds ranging from 50 Mbps to gigabit connection. They leverage cable broadband DOCSIS technology. Customers can opt for no data limits or capped plans.


Cox TV cable service includes 200+ HD channels, thousands of On Demand options, and TV apps integrated into Contour boxes. Additional packages like premium movie/sports channels are available.  

Home Phone: 

Digital home phone services from Cox provide unlimited local and long-distance calling to the U.S. and Canada on either cable or fiber lines.

Home Security: 

Cox Homelife home monitoring packages come with 24/7 professional monitoring, smart home integrations with automation/control, and video options. 

Business Services:

Cox Business delivers managed voice, data, and video networking to SMBs and enterprises. Solutions include cloud computing, wireless infrastructure, IoT, and customized connectivity.

Commitment to Speed and Reliability

With internet speeds up to gigabit available widely, Cox leverages its privately owned national broadband network to lead the industry. Their proactive network management and speed upgrades deliver reliable connectivity during peak usage. Cox was recognized as America’s fastest internet provider by PCMag in 2021.

Role of Innovation 

Cox created one of the first consumer gig internet tiers and pioneered residential fiber connections. Through its Cox Labs tech incubator and millions invested in R&D, Cox powered innovations like software-defined networks and improvements in WiFi connectivity, broadband capacity, cloud DVR technology, cybersecurity, and AI-assisted customer service.

Giving Back to Communities  

Cox has a strong focus on corporate social responsibility including its Connect2Compete program offering deeply discounted home internet service to low-income households with K-12 children to promote digital equity in education and make connectivity more accessible. The Cox Charities also invest over $7 million annually in supporting local nonprofits.

Work Culture and Values

As a family company with third-generation leadership, Cox maintains an employee-focused culture with an emphasis on diversity, engagement, and inclusion in the workplace. The company enables flexible work arrangements and learning opportunities for growth driven by its values of personal connections, creating possibilities, doing the right thing, and reaching farther.  

Competition in the Telecom Industry

The cable/telecom arena has intense competition. Major players like Comcast, Charter, and Altice fight intensely on price and performance to acquire and retain broadband internet and pay-TV subscribers. Satellite TV firms like DirecTV and Dish are alternatives for video. Telecom giants AT&T, Verizon, and T-Mobile also overlap with home/business broadband offerings in many areas where services converge.

Reasons to Choose Cox for Your Internet

There are great reasons to subscribe to Cox as your broadband provider:

1. Fast, symmetrical upload and download speeds consistently delivered enable smoother 4K streaming, video calls, gaming, and smart home experiences.

2. Reliability stemming from proactive maintenance of Cox’s private IP network architecture means fewer disruptions. 

3. No data caps on higher speed tiers provide peace of mind.

4. Advanced WiFi hardware with WiFi optimization assistants improves wireless connectivity across your home.

Getting Started with Cox Services

Getting connected by Cox in 3 simple steps:

1. Head to their website and enter your address to view availability and offers customized for your area. Bundles with TV or home phone can also be previewed.

2. Pick your preferred internet speed, custom add-ons like TV channels or phone lines, security systems, etc., and select a package. All changes or cancellations are easy even during the contract period.

3. Schedule professional installation and setup based on a suitable date/time. For self-setups, equipment is shipped directly to secure plug-and-play connectivity.

Customer support teams are available via multiple channels for post-sales assistance too.

With Cox’s competitive bundles, reliable infrastructure, and award-winning customer service, they are a leading choice to meet home connectivity and entertainment needs.