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Satellite Internet Services

Introduction to Frontier Communications

Frontier Communications is a leading Broadband Internet services video, and voice services provider in the United States. Operating across 25 states, Frontier offers advanced connectivity solutions to consumers, businesses, and governmental organizations. digital television voice services. Through continual infrastructure improvements and commitment to innovation end Frontier powers high-speed access enabling digital transformation across American society.

Broadband Internet Services History of Frontier Communications

Frontier can trace its origins back to the 1920s when three separate telephone companies emerged in the state of Wisconsin. These rural telecom companies would expand infrastructure and merge over time, before officially taking on the name Frontier Communications in July 2008 following another significant consolidation. The name change signaled a new focus on future-oriented technologies beyond its rural legacy wireline business.

Services for Residential and Business Customers  

For residential subscribers, Frontier provides broadband internet over fiber optic and copper networks at speeds ranging from 50 Mbps to up to 1 Gig. It also offers cable TV subscriptions via DISH satellite partnerships along with digital phone solutions including caller ID, voicemail, etc. Similarly for enterprises, Frontier provisions dedicated point-to-point fiber infrastructure delivering symmetrical speeds above 10 Gbps enabling highly reliable connectivity. Vertical-specific solutions cater to industries like healthcare, finance, and manufacturing.

Strategic Expansion of Fiber Optic Networks

A key priority for Frontier has been fiber optic network construction and expansion. With fiber’s gigabit plus speeds and robust reliability relative to legacy copper, Frontier utilizes latest passive optical networking (PON) architecture. Recently, Frontier received federal RDOF subsidies that will support fiber deployment promising to reach over 630,000 new locations. These infrastructure upgrades cement Frontier’s capabilities to cater current and emergent bandwidth needs into the future.

Stewardship and Community Development

Aligned to its roots serving rural communities since the Great Depression, Frontier displays strong social commitment through grants awarded by the Frontier Foundation boosting early childhood and STEM education across its operational regions. Frontier also partners with community organizations leading initiatives targeting digital inclusion, youth mentorship, environmental sustainability and more.

Customer Loyalty and Satisfaction Management  

Frontier utilizes the latest AI-powered tools to better understand customer sentiments. For instance, the virtual assistant ANNA helps residential users self-diagnose issues and quickly connects them to assisted support channels when needed. Frontier also tracks first call resolution and usage of self-help mechanisms as metrics to gauge and improve quality of customer experience. Quarterly surveys gather candid user feedback for continuous service enhancements.  

The Emergence of Frontier Enterprise and Government Units

Beyond standard connectivity, Frontier now actively targets enterprise and public sector contracts. Frontier Enterprise sells customized communications infrastructure like software-defined wide area networks (SD-WAN) and contact center applications leveraging cloud, AI and security capabilities. The Government Solutions unit similarly provisions purpose-built solutions to federal agencies modernizing through initiatives like digital transformation, infrastructure-as-a-service (IaaS), network function virtualization (NFV) and multi-cloud management.

Competitive Differentiation  

In an industry with larger telecom rivals, Frontier underscores its unique advantages:

1. Agility to respond to local needs instead of a centralized bureaucracy 

2. An underlying philosophy of internet access as a human right rather than only a business

3. Forthrightness to customers on Real Internet speeds delivered instead of marketing gimmicks 

These tenant differentiators lead Frontier to focus deliberately on communities where needs are greatest to foster inclusion through connectivity.  

The Road Ahead

As adoption of 5G, IoT, smart homes and streaming grows, Frontier recognizes reliable high-speed broadband enables America’s digital economy. As such, priorities remain resolutely around expanding multi-Gigabit fiber reach while optimizing its existing copper infrastructure. By enlisting latest innovations to remove barriers to access, Frontier seeks to reshape the internet landscape to one of broader equality.

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