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Satellite Internet Services

Introduction to HughesNet Satellite Internet Services

HughesNet is America’s #1 choice for satellite internet with over 1.3 million subscribers across the country. Its parent company Hughes Network Systems first pioneered satellite networks back in the 1970s. Today, HughesNet leverages cutting-edge next-gen satellite fleets and ground infrastructure to deliver broadband internet enabling rural communities to bridge the digital divide.

Background and History

In the early 1970s, Hughes Aircraft Company obtained a license to construct an experimental ground station linking their satellites to a handyman truck network. This paved the path for the creation of Hughes Communication, Inc. focusing on private networks. After restructuring in the 90s, the rebranded Hughes Network Systems emerged as a leader in very small aperture terminal (VSAT) satellite networks beaming two-way data services to businesses globally. 

The 2000s saw Hughes introduce SPACEWAY satellites and begin marketing HughesNet high-speed satellite internet service directly to residences across America seeking connectivity comparable to cable and DSL. In 2021, Hughes was acquired by US-based private equity firm Blackstone further accelerating innovations in satellite communication.

Services and Plans

HughesNet offers a range of high speed data plans delivering 25 Mbps speeds, no hard data limits and built-in Wi-Fi for households. With sufficient bandwidth to support multiple devices for web surfing, video chatting, streaming shows and more, HughesNet’s reliable internet connectivity empowers digital living.

Their core plans include:

1. 25 Mbps at $59.99/month

2. 50 Mbps at $69.99/month 

Both services come with 10-30 GB daytime data, 50 GB Bonus Zone data for overnight usage and free standard installation. Higher speed business plans are also available.

Technology Powering HughesNet  

Advanced Hughes Jupiter high throughput satellites combined with cutting-edge ground hardware like Hughes modem routers makes their satellite internet fast and consistent.  

Key advantages stem from proprietary innovations like:

  • Next-gen spacecraft built with the flexibility to allot capacity based on demand patterns
  • Space-based machine learning flocking antennas to direct concentrated beams 
  • Multi-tiered intelligent caching storing popular content closer to end-users  

With gigabit+ speeds per satellite (rivaling terrestrial 5G infrastructure) and equipment advances like tri-band WiFi 6 modems, HughesNet delivers stellar connectivity rivalling fiber.

Giving Back to Communities

Central to Hughes culture is a sense of responsibility to serve critical needs globally and empower underserved communities – from disaster response and recovery efforts Caribbean nations to Distance Learning solutions bringing education across Latin America and Africa.

The HughesNet Community Hotspot program is another initiative providing public access Wi-Fi hotspots to build digital literacy and affordability. Hughes engineers also volunteer to support STEM mentorship programs for youth. 

Future Outlook

With multi-billion dollar investments lined up to deploy next-gen satellites over this decade, Hughes anticipates gigabit speeds becoming standard for satellite internet consumers by 2030. Combined with SpaceX Starlink’s low earth orbit broadband constellations, satellite looks poised to dominate rural access. For HughesNet specifically, cutting edge R&D focused on optimizing latency, interoperability and intelligent mesh networking promises to open new horizons bridging the access gap.  

Getting Started with HughesNet

Installing quality satellite internet by HughesNet is completed through three simple steps:

Step 1: Confirm Serviceability

Visit, input address details to check availability 

Step 2: Select Plan  

Browse speeds and data options to pick package aligning budget and usage

Step 3: Schedule Installation

HughesNet arranges certified professionals to handle Dish mounting, wiring and modem setup  

With transformative satellite advancements leading internet connectivity into new frontiers, HughesNet makes access beyond boundaries an everyday reality.

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