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Introduction to Viasat Satellite Internet provider

Viasat is a global communications company that provides high-speed satellite broadband services and secure networking systems tailored for consumers, enterprises, military, and governments. Headquartered in California with over 7,000 employees, Viasat operates a powerful next-generation satellite fleet delivering connectivity almost anywhere across the Americas empowering users through advance reliable technology.  

Background and History

Viasat was founded in 1986 as a provider of satellite and wireless communication products catering defense technology needs during the Cold War era. With expertise nurtured supplying encrypted modems and networking devices to the US Department of Defense, Viasat gradually expanded into the commercial internet market in the late 90s as satellite broadband emerged as viable alternative to cable and DSL.  

The ViaSat-1 satellite launched in 2011 was a gamechanger with unmatched capacity enabling Viasat to improve speeds and value of satellite internet for a mass consumer audience across America. Viasat today continues pushing boundaries of possibility from space.

Residential Internet Service

Viasat delivers fast satellite internet across the entire US mainly targeting rural or remote areas unreached by typical broadband infrastructure. With wider satellite coverage than HughesNet, Viasat offers unlimited data plans from 30-100 GB priced between $50 to $150 monthly enabling reliable high-speed performance for data intensive uses like video streaming etc.  

Enterprise and Government Services  

For businesses and government agencies, Viasat provides dedicated high security connectivity tailored to unique needs: 

  • Maritime Services connecting vessels across oceans through encrypted satellite links and tracking IoT sensors  
  • Commercial Aviation Gardian delivering IFC passenger Wi-Fi, real time data/voice for cockpit communications etc.
  • Customized Government Systems like tactical mobile communication on battlefields  

Technologies Enabling Viasat  

Key innovations and advantages underpinning Viasat’s services include:

1. Extreme High-Throughput Satellites (EHTS) like ViaSat-3 offering immense data capacity through spot beam architecture and bandwidth reuse

2. Hybrid Adaptive Networking radio systems to seamlessly switch traffic across GEO-satellite, LEO broadband arrays like Starlink etc.  

3. Next Gen Gateways and Ground Infrastructure allowing dynamic bandwidth allocation aligning capacity to follow demand

Commitment to Digital Responsibility  

Viasat upholds strong values around bridging digital divides evident through corporate social initiatives:  

  • Sponsoring community hotspots and public access centers across rural towns
  • Connecting schools through subsidized Viasat Education plans unlocking digital learning  
  • Partnering startup incubators nurturing next gen local technology talent  

The Road Ahead

Viasat expects its satellite fleet to achieve staggering 1 Terabit per second bandwidth capacities by 2025. Combined with expanding LEO smallsats constellations and smart hybrid networking, Viasat seems poised to deliver connectivity of unmatched immediacy and ubiquity – across jet aircraft at 35,000 ft, ocean liners navigating Pacific voyages or ranch homes nestled deep in Midwest valleys – cementing its promise of bringing modern world within reach regardless of boundaries!

Getting Started with Viasat  

Installing Viasat’s Unlimited Satellite Internet service comprises simply:

1. Checking availability and data speeds based on location by visiting  

2. Selecting the right plan data volume aligning usage needs – light web browsing vs 4K video streaming etc.

3. Scheduling professional standard installation for dish mounting, cabling and WiFi router setup

With Viasat’s networks expanding human reach to the furthest frontiers globally, the possibilities stay boundless!