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Xfinity Best Home Security: Is It Worth It? #01


Home security is more crucial than ever, and Xfinity, a well-known company in internet and TV services, provides a solid answer. But is Xfinity Home Security the best option for you? In this comprehensive evaluation, we look at the features, price, and user experiences to help you make an informed decision regarding Xfinity’s home security options.

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Overview of Xfinity Home Security

What is Xfinity Home Security?
Xfinity Home Security is a professional home monitoring system that is integrated with home automation for complete home security solutions. This service comprises various gadgets such as cameras, motion detectors, and smart locks that are programmable from the Xfinity Home app. Available through Xfinity’s fast and secure network, the system guarantees constant home surveillance and eliminates concerns.

Key Features

Professional Monitoring
Xfinity Home Security has access to professional monitoring 24/7 which means that your home is being monitored by experts in their field. In the case of an alert, the center will call you, while in the case of an emergency, the services will be dispatched to your home. Thus, continuous supervision provides an extra layer of protection, which is especially helpful when you are away from home.

Smart Home Integration

Another comforting factor of Xfinity Home Security is its compatibility with other smart home gadgets. Smart locks, smart lights, or smart thermostats—you control and even monitor everything through the Xfinity Home app. It makes possible personalized automation, for instance, switching on lights whenever movement is sensed or locking doors whenever one leaves home, which comes in handy in terms of security and comfort.

High-Quality Equipment

Xfinity provides a range of high-quality security equipment, including:
⦁ Cameras: Indoor and outdoor cameras with high-definition video and night vision capabilities.
⦁ Motion Sensors: Devices that detect movement and trigger alerts.
Door/Window Sensors: These sensors monitor entry points and alert you to any unauthorized access.
⦁ Keypads and Touchscreens: User-friendly interfaces for arming and disarming your system.
Remote Access and Control
This system allows you to remotely view and control your security system via the Xfinity Home application. You can remotely arm or disarm your systems, view live video streams, and even receive real-time alarms. This function is especially useful for people who travel regularly or wish to check in on their homes while at work.

Energy Management

Xfinity Home Security also features energy-saving technologies. You may use the app to manage smart thermostats and lighting, saving money on energy while keeping your house comfortable and safe.

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Pricing and Packages

Xfinity Home Security offers several packages to suit different needs and budgets. Here’s a detailed breakdown:
Base Home System
⦁ Monthly Fee: $30
⦁ Equipment: Basic security equipment includes motion sensors, door/window sensors, and a touchscreen controller.
Professional Monitoring: 24/7 professional monitoring is included.
⦁ Contract: A 2-year contract is required.
Complete Home System
Monthly Fee: $40
⦁ Equipment: Enhanced security equipment package includes additional cameras, sensors, and a touchscreen controller.
Professional Monitoring: 24/7 professional monitoring included.
Smart Home Integration: Full integration with smart home devices.
Contract: 2-year contract required.
Ultimate Home System
Monthly Fee: $50
⦁ Equipment: Comprehensive security package with premium cameras, motion sensors, door/window sensors, and a touchscreen controller.
Professional Monitoring: 24/7 professional monitoring included.
Smart Home Integration: Full integration with smart home devices.
⦁ Energy Management: Tools for managing smart thermostats and lights.
Contract: 2-year contract required.
Equipment Costs
While the monthly fees cover monitoring and basic equipment, additional devices may incur extra costs. Here’s a breakdown of some common equipment prices:
Equipment Cost
Indoor Camera $120
Outdoor Camera $200
Motion Sensor $50
Door/Window Sensor $40
Smart Thermostat $150
User Experiences

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Positive Reviews

Several customer impressions have noted that Xfinity Home Security is easy to manage and effective. Common praise includes:
User-Friendly App: There is an application that supports the Xfinity Home system, and the application has a very friendly and intuitive user interface.
Professional Monitoring: Users feel safer knowing that professional monitoring is available 24/7.
Smart Home Integration: The ability to integrate with other smart home devices is a significant plus for tech-savvy users.
⦁ High-Quality Equipment: The cameras and sensors are noted for their high quality and reliability.

Negative Reviews

However, some users have reported issues, such as:
Installation Costs: Professional installation can be expensive, and DIY options are limited.
Contract Requirements: The mandatory 2-year contract is seen as a drawback for those who prefer more flexibility.
Customer Service: Some users have experienced challenges with customer service, particularly with billing and technical support.

Common User Testimonials

Ease of Use: “The Xfinity Home app makes it easy to check in on my home. I can view live feeds from my cameras and get instant alerts if anything happens.”
⦁ Peace of Mind: “Knowing that there are professionals monitoring my home 24/7 gives me a great sense of security.”
Smart Integration: “I love how I can control my lights and thermostat along with my security system. It makes managing my home so convenient.”

Is Xfinity Home Security Worth It?

⦁ Comprehensive Features: Has a diverse set of security and smart home options.
⦁ Professional Monitoring: Consequently, 24/7 monitoring applies an additional layer to the security process.

Integration: Integrated and compatible with other smart home products.
Remote Access: Security and surveillance of your house from any location that you are.


⦁ Cost: Can be expensive, especially with additional equipment and installation fees.
⦁ Contract: Requires a 2-year contract, which might not suit everyone.
Customer Service: Some users report issues with customer support.

Final Verdict

Xfinity Home Security is good for people who use other Xfinity services and need an all-in-one home security system with professional monitoring and compatibility with other smart-home devices. The quality of equipment and reliability of the monitoring services are some of the strengths of this industry. However, cost and contract requirements may pose a problem for some individuals


To summarize, Xfinity Home Security provides comprehensive features and dependable service, making it an attractive alternative for many homes. You can evaluate whether Xfinity Home Security is a good fit for you by assessing your demands and budget. Xfinity has numerous choices to enhance home security and comfort according to your preferences, which include coverage, monitoring, intelligent appliances, and the best quality of devices.
Thus, the range of opportunities that Xfinity Home Security provides, as well as the ability to choose various solutions and their integration, make it possible to consider this option in the event of upgrading home security systems.

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